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Robert Kennedy, Publisher

Hi All,

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the passing of Robert “Bob Tough Love” Kennedy, publisher, fitness guru and my mentor. He accomplished many things including starting his own publishing company with several magazines and books under the Kennedy Publishing name.

What many people don’t know about Bob is for 8 years he taught fine art and painted preferring to conceal his identity by using his father’s name Wolfgang Kals.

Robert and his wife Tosca Reno (my other fitness mentor) shared an amazing journey inspiring people everywhere to “Eat Clean” and train dirty. These two gave it their all and have changed many lives including my own.

Thank you Bob for everything you did and the legacy you left behind. Your passion has changed my life forever and for that I am eternally grateful.

Remember to live life to the fullest. You can do, be and have anything!

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Because life is a great adventure!

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Book

Hi All,

If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to have it all, yet you aren’t where you want to be in your life then you need to read this book. Joseph Murphy extracts the why and gives you the how to make real changes in your life. Even when you “think” you are purposeful in choosing your thoughts your subconscious could be the true saboteur in creating the life you really want.

Maybe you want more money to take your life to the next level and travel the world but there’s never any more money at the end of the month than the month before. Is there something blocking you from taking that next step up? Fear of success? Did your parents fight about money when you were a child? Is your subconscious is telling you that having more money will cause you problems so you better not make any more than you have right now? Maybe the “comfort zone” of living payday to payday is more comfortable than the unknown of what more money would be like.

If you truly want to change your future this book gives you a clear path to making changes to your subconscious mind so you can get on track with what you have been envisioning in your conscious mind. I believe with all my heart that we are all meant for greatness, whatever that means to each of us and this book will show you how to get there.

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Because life is a great adventure!

Please make sure to secure your own mask before helping others…

Hi All,

Anyone who has ever taken a flight will have heard the safety instructions “please make sure to secure your own mask before helping others”.  Why is it that we don’t follow the same instructions in everyday life? If we made time for ourselves first, wouldn’t we be happier, healthier and more productive? Yes, we would! Here are some simple things you can do to make time for yourself.

1. Schedule it. Most people don’t do things because they don’t make a point of scheduling these things in their calendars. I don’t want taking time for yourself to feel like work, but if you don’t make it a priority, it won’t happen.

2. Do something you love. There are so many options out there to help you relax and calm your mind from yoga, to prayer/meditation, taking a walk. If you don’t know what your things is get out there and try something new.

Reading is one of my personal favorites. I read mostly well-being and health books which make me feel energized and alive. It’s as if the words on the page are breathing life back into my very being and it inspires me to give more and be more which then carry over into my work and personal life.

If you find that you don’t follow through keep these in mind…

Anthony Robbins says there are three things that get our focus:

  1. Things that give you pleasure
  2. Things that give you pain
  3. Other people’s demands

Don’t let any of these be the reason you don’t give enough to yourself. If you aren’t full of life and love for yourself first, how do you expect to give it to those around you and build solid relationships? So get out there and do something for YOU because as L’Oreal says “You’re worth it”.

Because life is a great adventure!


Skin Care 101

It’s winter and your skin is dry, itchy and irritated. What to do? With the plethora of creams and lotions on the market it can be overwhelming. With me today is Suzy Jizmejian my good friend and Beauty Consultant who will help us to navigate the murky waters of cosmetics.

Suzy says follow these 4 basic steps regularly for good skin care:

1. Cleanser.
Everyone should start their morning with a good cleanser.

2. Toner.
Use a toner to refresh the skin and remove any impurities and close the pores for better absorption of moisturizer.

3. Moisturize.
Especially in winter it’s important that you moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Picking the right moisturizer is important. If you like being in the great outdoors you really need to slather on the moisturizer to keep your skin protected from drying out and getting irritated.

4. Exfoliate.
You should exfoliate twice a week to prevent build up from dead skin cells and make up residue. If you don’t exfoliate the excess creates a barrier and lessens the absorption of your moisturizer.

See the skin categories below to pick the products that are right for you.

If you have normal skin you can use almost any moisturizer because you don’t have any special skin care needs beyond keeping your skin properly hydrated.

Individuals with dry skin should focus on getting a moisturizer for very dry skin. Suzy recommends Hydrance Riche by Avene and you may want to consider applying a serum underneath such as Hydrating Serum by Avene.

This skin type needs a special lightweight moisturizer that is also hydrating. Try Hydrance Light Moisturizer by Avene.

Don’t forget your eyes, which also need special care. Suzy recommends LaRoche Posay Hydraphase Eye Cream to hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes that are often neglected.

If you deal with bouts of eczema Avene’s Trixera Body Cream or LaRoche Posay Lipikar Baume AP provide relief from itching and extremely dry skin. All these products have thermal water, which are rich in minerals, and is very soothing and healing for the skin. You may want to consider adding a thermal water spray to your routine as this helps with hydration or irritation by applying the water directly to the affected area.

The products in this article are suggestions based on Suzy’s experience as a consultant. If you would like professional help picking the correct products for your specific skin care needs stop in and see your nearest beauty consultant for more information.

Because life is a great adventure!

Who’s taking up real estate in your personal neighborhood?

Hi All!

We all know, relationships, can be a real source of pleasure in our lives. Having good relationships is vital to our well-being. As the gate keeper of your personal neighborhood, you need to choose wisely who you allow to take up real estate in your life. As Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

You can have many people who live outside your “personal community” and you can let them in when you choose because you hold the key. But the ones you share your life with, such as a best friend, spouse and family don’t need to check in with security at the front gates.

If you’re having issues in this area, you need to think about the situation and take the following steps.

Step 1: Take responsibility for your part in the relationship. Even if it’s true that the other person is a source of stress, you have allowed them into your community.

Step 2: You need to decide what you want to do about it. Are you going to address the situation or are you going let it go and accept the fact that nothing is going to change. If you decide not to address it, you have made a decision and you need to let it go. If you want change, then you need to take the next step and address it.

Step 3: Do you want to continue having this person in your group of “five people” who help to shape and mold you each day? If you don’t know for sure you need to figure out what the real issue is. I say this only because sometimes we let things continue for so long that we forget what was actually bothering us in the first place. As long as you know what’s really bothering you, you can take the next step and address it. It’s never easy but always worth it.

Step 4: If you’ve decided it’s time to ask for your key back and move on, it won’t be easy, but I promise it will be worth it. I’m going to use another Jim Rohn quote to illustrate my point, “If you don’t design your own plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” If you’re hanging around someone who is constantly draining your energy with their problems and complaining because they make bad life decisions and you’re always on the receiving end of the sob story, you need to move on. How you address it is up to you, but if you don’t do it the only one losing out is you.

I personally have cut ties with individuals who no longer added value to my life and I can honestly say the uncomfortable part is well worth having peace in my life and making room for more friends who are amazing and really inspire me to go to the next level.

If the idea of having “the” conversation is taxing enough and your mind is blank when you try to come up with the right words, I have posted a script below you might want to use.

“Hey, I wanted to talk to you about something that’s really important to me. Do you have a moment? (If they say no, try to plan another time and date that works for you both. If they say yes, continue.) We’ve been friends for a long time (OR insert relationship info) and I care about you very much. But, I feel that when we spend time together you complain (about…) and it’s very draining for me. Therefore I have thought about it and I feel it would be best if we didn’t spend as much time together (OR any more time together) and I just wanted to let you know why I won’t be hanging out with you as often (OR anymore). I wish only the best for you.”

Remember, when you make quality decisions, you get a quality life.

Because life is a great adventure!

Quote – Marc and Angel Hack

“Life should be lived with a little more gratitude and a little less attitude.”

Hi All,

If you haven’t heard about Marc and Angel Hack I encourage you to check them out and sign up for their newsletter. They are sincere and share their life as they are living it in a positive and uplifting way. If you’re in need of a boost, click the link below for some inspiration!

Marc and Angel Hack Life

Because life is a great adventure!

Yearly Goals List

Hi All,

Thanks for sticking with me throughout January! Today I want to talk about the last step in goal setting; creating a yearly goals list and how to follow through.

If you’ve created the master goals list I talked about, then I encourage you to pull from that list today and get busy! If not, please go back to my previous article Master Goals List and create one. Review your list and as I’ve said before it should be all about you and what you want, not what others expect of you or what you think your life “should” be like, only what you really want for your life.

Each year from my Personal Development Goals list I pull at least two goals; a new goal and one that I repeat each year, read one book per month minimum. It’s important to take ACTION steps when planning your goals. For my goal, I decide what kind of books I’m going to focus on, then I set up a list with each month and I record what I’ve read throughout the year. This keeps me on track and accountable and I can see where I’ve been putting my focus. An action step can be something as simple as going for a test drive in the new car you want or figuring out how much it will cost you to take that vacation you’ve been thinking about for years. This will get your brain moving in the direction of actually doing it and not just thinking about doing it sometime in the future.

Anyone who has accomplished anything knows that being open to changes along the path to achieving a goal is vital. You can’t possibly map out every step, so leave room for inspiration and positive people to come into your life and guide you.

Notice how I used the words “positive people” in that last sentence? Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. You are the gate keeper of your personal neighborhood, so choose wisely who you allow to take up real estate. More on this topic in a future post.

Now it’s your turn! Pick at least one goal from each list and get started on living out your wildest dreams! If you need help creating your lists or taking the next step contact me using the Feedback button to the left of this article. If you would like more inspirational and informational articles throughout the year sign up for my newsletter. Or if you know someone who needs a boost please pass it on!

Because life is a great adventure!

Tosca Reno, The Eat-Clean Queen!

It’s Wellness Warrior Wednesday! Woot! Woot!

If you’ve heard of Tosca Reno before then you already know the amazing gift she has in the area of health and nutrition and if you haven’t, here’s your introduction.

She’s a good ol’ Canadian girl from Lachine, Quebec. She has a B.Sc. from Queen’s University in Kingston and a B.Ed. from York University in Toronto and is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She’s the author of The Eat-Clean Diet, writes a monthly column called “Raise the Bar” in Oxygen magazine and she’s the CEO and publisher of Robert Kennedy Publishing.

Tosca met Robert “Bob Tough Love” Kennedy when she was his daughter’s grade school teacher. Robert had two children, Chelsea and Braden, with his first wife. Tosca was married previously and is the mother of 3 daughters, Rachel, Kiersten and Kelsey-Lynn.

In March 2011, Braden who required around the clock care after suffering severe brain damage from a vehicle accident in 1998, passed away. Her husband Robert lost his battle with lung cancer in April 2012.

I first read about Tosca when I decided to get into the fitness industry and I was looking for quality information for myself and clients. I purchased every fitness magazine I could find, and started digging. When I opened Oxygen magazine I knew I had found what I was looking for. Tosca’s personal transformation story and her upbeat attitude mixed with a no fuss way of eating to live really made me sit up and take notice.

From flab to fab!

As you can see from the photos she lives it every day and she looks fantastic. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Tosca and Robert at the 1st Annual Fit Life Fitness Competition, Victoria, BC in 2011. Her schedule that day was incredible and yet she took the time to really listen and share her ideas with me. As the Wellness Coordinator at my previous job I was always searching for something new to bring to my colleagues and I wasn’t about to waste a chance at getting advice from my mentor! What a blessing!

Tosca Reno and I at the 1st Annual Fit Life Fitness Competition in Victoria, BC

In The Eat-Clean Diet, Tosca teaches her readers how to live a healthy lifestyle without all the added stress of weighing meals or counting calories. An example of this is on page 38 in her book The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged! with her A “Handy” Guide to measuring portions which looks like the following: portion of protein fits in the palm of one hand, a portion of carbs from fruits and vegetables (complex carbs) can fit into two cupped hands, a portion of starchy complex carbs can fit into one cupped hand and a portion of healthy fats is one scant handful of nuts, or one to two tablespoons of healthy oils etc. If you follow Tosca’s simple formula you are sure to win! For more detailed information see the book or click the link posted below to go directly to her website.


Because life is a great adventure!

Master Goals List

It’s week 3 in our journey to creating the life you want! Today is all about creating a master goals list.

Make sure you will not be interrupted. That means turn off the cell, the tv, and wear earplugs if you have too! This is one of the most important 15 minutes of the rest of your life. This will be the time that you put on paper the possibilities that await you in the future, so by taking time to do this with no interruptions is a signal to your brain that all other tasks are on hold and to focus on right here and right now.

To create a master goals list, pick some of your favorite music and set a timer for 5 minute increments. The idea behind this list is to write as fast as you can all the ideas you have about one area of your life, such as personal development. Don’t worry about the details, just get down the facts. Read one book per month, teach class on _____________, learn to speak French, train with a top performer in the area of __________, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Remember this is your life, write down everything you can think of, no matter how silly or outrageous you think it may seem.

“Most people who achieved great things, had no real idea how they were going to do it, they only knew they were going to do it.” Anthony Robbins

You can create as many categories as you like but be careful not to go overboard. I personally have 3 main categories that I use for mine: Personal Development Goals, Economic Goals and Things Goals from Anthony Robbins, Personal Power program. If you’re ready to go, set your timer and keep in mind the following questions for each category. Remember these question are only a small example of what you can ask yourself. Let your imagination go wild and word your desires in a positive light!

Personal Development Goals

Who do I want to become?
Where do I want to go?
What do I want to achieve?
What do I want to experience in life?
Who would you like to meet?
Would you like to study under someone you admire?
What do you want to create?
Where do you want to live?

Economic Goals

How much money do I want to have?
How much money do I want to put away each year, for my retirement, for my children’s education?
What would I like to give away each year to a specific organization?
Do you want to invest in real estate? Maybe start flipping houses? Or purchase an apartment building and become a landlord?

Things Goals

What kind of house do I want?
What kind of car would I like to have, or how many cars would I like to have?
Would you like to have a home theater in your basement and invite friends over for movies?
Do you want a yacht so you can sail around the world?

Once you’ve completed this list it’s time to pull from each of these… and create your Yearly Goals List which I’ll talk about next week. For now have fun with this list. Post it up somewhere and look at it each day. Feel free to add to it as things come up.

Because life is a great adventure!

Quote – Viktor E. Frankl

“The crowning experience of all, for the homecoming man is the wonderful feeling that, after all he’s suffered, there is nothing he need fear any more – except his God.”

If you haven’t read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl, this is a must read that will change your life.